Sunday, December 8, 2013

the road blog post 119-135

questions: why does the father always leave the boy file searches around for supplies? shouldn't he be tacking the boy what to look for?

contrast: on page 131 McCarthy describes a scene where the he is holding the son in one hand and the revolver in the other and i think this is an important contrast because the son represents life while the revolver represents death. in the last passage the man gives the revolver to the boy in case the boy has to use it as to not be captured the revolver represents would "save" the boy as well.

Parallel: on page 131 the man has a pleasant dream of his wife and this is a reocurring theme in the book that the father wishes was not. he believes the right dreams for a man in peril are dreams of peril. on page 18 he has a similar dream of his wife than that on page 131. it;s interesting that they are so far apart because the ma says soon as who start having good dreams who have given up. is the man forever on the brink of giving up?

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