Monday, December 2, 2013

the road blog post 32-51

question: what is "The Gap" and why is it important.  what does it mean to the man? he says he and his father also stood there as well.

contrast: on page 38 the man and the boy find a little pool with a waterfall and they go in to wash themselves. I seee this as a good father son moment and ethey are possibly enjoying themselves swimming in this pool. on the very next page at the bottom after they get out of the pool "a rich southern wood that once held mayapple,pipsissewa, Ginseng. the raw dead limbs of the rhododendron twisted and knotted and black." this phrase is very bleak to me and i noted the contrast from the pool and the father son moment to the reality of  the world they are back in.

parallel: on page 34 the father and the boy are sharing a cup of hot chocolate and because the father only has enough for one cup he gives it to the boy and he has a cup of hot water. the boy noties and makes him take some back. i think this parallels back to the scene in the shopping market when the man finds the coke and gives it to the boy but the boy makes him drink some as well. Also the boy is always watching the man making sure he is taking nourishment as well as for advice and guidance. for example. on page 39 the father finds some mushrooms and he tells the boy that they are ok to eat. 

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