Sunday, December 8, 2013

the road blog post 136-160

Question: beards have been associated with bad guys earlier in the book and the man has aboard as well until he shaves it on page 152. does this mean that the man is good because he no longer has a beard? what does shaving off a beard represent in the world they live in?

Contrast: on page 150 McCarthy writes " they passed a metal trashdump where someone had once tried to burn bodies. the charred meat and bones under the damp ash might have been anonymous save for the shape of the skulls." two pages later on 152 he says "they ate a sumptuous meal by candlelight.  ham and green beans and mashed potatoes with biscuits and gravy," these are obviously very contrasting the world around them and the world between them that the father is trying to save.

Parallel: on page 153 McCarthy explains that the man is an alien to the boy because the world he comes from no longer exists and a similar occurrence is stated on page 129 that the boy is alien because he comes from a different world than the man.

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