Monday, December 2, 2013

the road blog post 52-71

question: the mother chooses to take her own life because she says sooner or later they will catch us and rape us and kill us.  she also says that if he cannot do it without her then he should not, there are still two bullets in the gun for him and the son. why does the man choose to stay alive and go on? what does he live for now that the world they knew is gone?

contrast: on page 54 inn the middle of the page at the end of the passage it says " So, he whispered to the sleeping boy. I have you." this means to say that the father has the boy and that is his one responsibility in this world all he has to do is take care of the boy, also the boy is his soul purpose. on the next page the says at the top "I wish i was with my mom" the boy means he wishes he was dead like his mom. this must  be terrible to hear because the father has the boy but the boy doesn't want the father he wants the mom and not only that he wants to be dead with his mom.

parallel: on pages 52-53 the man dreams about a night when the mother is supposedly pregnant and the power goes out and the man gets up to check on the power. it is off. then on pages 56-57 he thinks about the mother again and she gives him a speech about why she is committing suicide. these parallel because they represent the beginning of the son's life the father's reason to live and the end of the mother's life begining the story that they are living now.

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